Find Your Ki

with Jill Pape Lemke

Welcome! I’m excited that you’ve stopped by to explore and find out a little bit more about what I do and how I might be able to help you on your journey.
When I started my own journey in 2009, it was really difficult for me to find anyone that could help me understand what I was experiencing and give me guidance through the awakening process. I have vowed that as I continue my own journey, I will always teach others with the hope of making their own process less cumbersome and more supportive. 
Through my search in understanding, I found a love for meditation. Meditation brought me to a place of balance and deeper connection to God/the Divine/ The Light, but mostly, it brought me back to me. I have used meditation as way to listen to spirit, to connect more deeply to my gifts as a medium, and to channel meditations to the public. While still working as a medium/intuitive, teacher, and shamanic practitioner, I still go back to meditation as the root of my transformative journey and key to awakening.  
I encourage you to explore, find what resonates, and delve deeper. 

About Me

Everything I do is centered around healing. Finding your Ki is about finding and nurturing that spark of divine light that burns within you. The work I do is focused on bringing awareness to your emotional blocks and promote healing. Moving through these emotional blocks will help you to create a vessel that allows you to move through this life with love, purpose, and a passion for living.

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Ki or Chi is life force energy. It is the energy that penetrates us, surrounds us, inspires us, motivates us, and heals us. Healing our soul starts with creating awareness of the blocks within our Ki.


I am an intuitive healer. I began my journey like many others, having a lifetime of experiences that I couldn’t explain and finally doing something with the curiosity and thirst for answers to my questions about what I was experiencing.


Everything I do circles back to healing the soul. I do this with personal energy healing sessions, teaching meditation, mediumship readings, and oracle card, or tarot card readings. All bring awareness of yourself; goals, ambitions, desires, struggles, blocks, and life purpose.

Live meditations!

Daily Meditations with @JillzJazz

Most mornings I lead a free 20-30 minute guided meditation on an App called Periscope. Each meditation is unique and unrehearsed. I follow each meditation with a wrap up video where I explain what certain symbols or signs can mean. These meditations are meant to bring awareness to our emotional blocks. Through meditation we can become more aware of these emotional blocks. With awareness, we can manifest change. With change, we shift and growth. With growth comes healing! I invite you to meditate with me and begin your healing journey.

Here are some of my services!

Here are some of the services I offer in addition to individualized sessions to help you explore you own skills as an intuitive or healer. Make you you also follow me on Facebook and twitter for class updates and blogs @FINDYOURKI!