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Below are a list of the services I offer in addition to my free meditations on YouTube, Periscope, Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Insight Timer.

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Class Offerings

I currently teach two classes. The first class, Ignite your Light, is a Level 1 class with instruction in meditation, chakras, crystals, and crystal grid work.

In this class I teach you how to prepare yourself for meditation, instruct on different types and techniques used in meditation, and how to facilitate awareness through these techniques. Each week we move through a different chakra (energy center in the body). The entire week is focused on connecting to the emotional energy in the body, pulling out what you need to release and bringing in what you need to move forward in healing.

This class is really meant for that person who is ready to make a change in their life. Learn to love yourself and let go of the old definitions of who you are supposed to be, own who you are.

Tools used in class:

  • Meditation pillow or stool
  • Chakra Crystal Set (may be provided)
  • Journal
  • Mala (Optional)

Class Schedule:

This class runs a full 8-weeks. Here is an outline of the class and use of meditation through a typical week.

  • Launch Week! Introductions, instructions, and preparation
  • Week 1- The Root Chakra- To Be
  • Week 2- The Sacral Chakra- To Feel
  • Week 3- The Solar Plexus- To Think
  • Week 4- The Heart Chakra- To Want
  • Week 5- The Throat Chakra- To Express
  • Week 6- The Third Eye- To See
  • Week 7- The Crown Chakra- To Believe
  • Week 8- The Soul Start- To Know

We use Guided Meditation 3 times a week, Mantra (sound meditation) twice a week, and crystals are set in a grid at the start of each week. Your Launch week prepares you in creating your meditation space, preparing your crystals, and giving you a solid foundation in meditation before we begin.

The follow up to Level 1 is my Level II* Intuition Development class.

The Level II class is really focused on external energy and interpreting that energy for ourselves. I walk you through clearing a space, setting intentions, what it means to be “grounded” and how to keep yourself grounded.

The outline of the class is as follows:

  • Week 1- Back to Basics
  • Week 2- Signs: Animal Guidance, Pendulums, and the vibration of numbers.
  • Week3- Tools, clearing tools and how we can use Numerology.
  • Week 4- Pendulums/Pinnacles
  • Week 5- Speaking with Spirit

*The prerequisite to taking level II is taking level I.


A mediumship reading is essentially the channeling of messages from your loved ones in spirit through the medium to you the sitter. Every medium channels or connects to the energy of spirit differently. Most of us have a mixture of the way we connect either visually, audibly, through touch or sense, and then a knowing.
I work primarily through visuals. I am considered a Clairvoyant. Most of the messages I channel come into my mind like a movie with additional messages associated to the visual layered with sound and feeling (Clairaudient and Clairsentience). I also see spirit externally in varying degrees, from a very faded figure to full body apparition. In my experience, each spirit communicates in their own unique way. Some are very strong and vocal, where others prefer to replay a scene like a movie.

If you are interested in booking a mediumship reading, you should have loved one(s) in spirit with a need for healing from grief. The best readings come when we are grieving and seek solace and comfort with messages from our loved ones.


The use of Tarot Cards in conjunction with psychic readings, is an age old divination tool. Essentially you place your energy and intention into the cards, and I interpret the cards in addition to gaining additional insight with my psychic abilities. During a one hour session with Tarot cards and Oracle Cards, I can gain additional information on what is currently happening and likely outcomes based on the choices you are currently making.



Reiki is a Japanese healing technique based on the belief that the practitioner can channel energy from a divine source, God, universe, etc, into the patients body. This energy promotes self healing as the energy is moved through the major chakras and meridians wihtin the body. The patient is left feeling relaxed and often falls asleep during the session. This session can last from 1 to 1.5 hours as I work to balance the chakras and move any blocks within the body.



A Shaman is a medicine person. A person who helps to heal the life, the soul, and facilitate your movement into a more purposeful path. A shaman can also show you patterns of behavior or reasons for avoidance. They can bring you back to a point in your life or life line where you may have disconnected and are seeking to regain a whole you again.

Shamanic journey is a shaman entering an altered state to gain higher awareness and insight into what is happening on a soul level with themselves or the sitter. A Shaman is a medicine person who facilitates healing and awareness in others by walking between the worlds.
Shamanic journey can be used to gain personal insight, connect with power/spirit animals, guides, loved ones, and/or retrieve or severe parts of ourselves or others.

Each client has different needs and with so many different healing paths, I have found myself molding one into the other truly creating an organic and unique healing experience.



A Soul Key Session\Past Life Regression

A Soul Key Session begins with a  hypnotic induction. Through this hypnotic state we begin to weave our way through a labyrinth of doors and options. Each doorway giving you a view of you souls journey, intention, and past. It can also involve contacting your spirit guides, reviewing past lives, reviewing your life choice, and visiting your council. It is a life changing experience for those individuals ready for change, ready to move out of this “stuck” feeling and into living their life fully. For some, just seeing a previous life or lives can bring all the clarity they need to move on from unhealthy cycles. It can also bring clarity on their parental choice, who the people are in this life, and the roles these people played in previous lives.


Ready to Book a session or enroll in a class?

All of my sessions, individual instruction/healing and classes are intimate. No client is the same as the journey that brought you to this place in your life is not like anyone else. Why should I treat you the same as the client before you? I don’t. If you’re called, reach out and let’s begin or continue your healing journey together.

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